Other peoples back pain

Dad has never had the best of backs and over the years has gone through all sorts of trouble with it. But it was never a hernia. Therefore I used to have an idea of what a hernia was and also that there were two kinds. That was it.

Now Anne has a hernia (When it rains it pours, right?) and so I know a little bit more. What Anne has is what I call a back hernia.

Normally nerves run along your spinal column and stay there. With a hernia something between two spinal discs moves outward and touches the nerve causing pain that runs along your back and down into the leg.

If you have a hernia and your back is under a lot of tension the trapping increases. That is why the doctor has prescribed pain killers and a lot of rest for a long time.

Medicine is an area where I stand to learn the most I think. The human body is so complicated. I get the idea that I should just let it go and not want to learn about it and try to block my curiosity, because I’m never even getting close to knowing enough about it.


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