I tweeted this a few days ago:


Roughly translated it says that the German Iversity is giving ECTS (European study credit) for people who successfully complete one of their MOOCs.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Europeans do this. I’ve seen examples of American initiatives like this. It means you don’t need to be a student at a university any more to get university credit. It does not mean you can get an actual degree yet, but if this trend develops at the same speed, who knows? That could save people a lot of money on a higher education. That is exciting news for people like me who work in higher education. There is a whole cesspool worth of discussion about whether or not MOOCs are a good thing. The main problem is that the universities are paying the professors for work that is not necessarily part of the university’s official curriculum. Or the professors are doing the MOOCs in their own time and their proper work suffers as a result.

Anyway I took a look at what kind of courses they offer at Iversity and even though the amount of courses is limited there are definitely one or two fun looking ones. Some are more academic then others. I’m going to take a long hard look at this one over the next few days to decide if I want to do it. I think I might learn some cool things in the process.


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