https://i0.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/fc/Spekulatius_four_pieces_of.jpg/290px-Spekulatius_four_pieces_of.jpgI had planned to go to the Tastoe literatuurquiz last Saturday and because I hadn’t managed to go there even once before after saying that I would, Anne and I had a backup plan to go see Blue Jasmin at the movies.

But Blue Jasmin was sold out and we didn’t have a back up for the back up. So we ended up playing a board game in the local café.

The board game was a trivia game based on a TV show: “Ik hou van Holland”. It was the only trivia game they had. We really wanted a to do a quiz.
So we asked each other our silly questions on Dutch pop culture until we got bored of it. One question stood out for it’s little nugget of useful uselessness.

Why is Speculoos (The Belgian Version of Speculaas) named thus? The answer was: because it doesn’t contain the special speculaas spices and is therefore Specu-loos or Specu-less. I did a quick wikipedia search on the subject and it was correct.
Sometimes you need to learn some dumb things too.


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