University of NL

Hearing music can make you emotional. What is happening in your brain when you listen to music and it chokes you up? It’s these questions that are answered in the video below. (in Dutch)

In the same video the professor discusses studies which have found that you get the most rounded experience of music if you play it. This is a no brainer really, but because you are using your hands to play the music, which you see in front of you, you can hear it and if you play it loud enough you can feel it. You can’t taste or smell it but most of your senses are involved and that is why your brain is being stimulated in many different ways. Signals are being sent from side to side, from lobe to cortex and back, your brain is developing. This can only be good for you. Apparently people who play the piano from an age that they actually understand what they are doing are better at understanding things like language.

As we get older and our brain develops further who grow the traits which we collectively call wisdom. It’s the connecting of parts of the brain which hadn’t been connected by circuits yet. These circuits then repress negative felling making you happier or at least more accepting of good things then before. That is why old people are almost always content with the life they led.

This is one of the first lectures in the series by the newly formed Universiteit van Nederland (University of the Netherlands) and it’s a fun way to learn new things. Long may it continue.



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