Yesterday I spent my evening competing in the nerdiest pub quiz known to man. The LexisNexis/Prissma Info battle. Three colleagues and I took on teams from the NOS, the KNVI, LexisNexis and others. There were picture rounds in which we were asked to recognize libraries, We were asked to Name! That! Google Doodle! and the final round was a look-it-up round. For example How many cars were registred in Voorschoten in 2012?

I wouldn’t say I learned a lot, but there were some things worth mentioning: StatLine for example. If you have the right plug-ins installed this is a very handy website for looking up all kinds of weird and wonderful statistics from the CBS (transl. Central Bureau of Statistics)

And from these websites YouTube, Wikipedia, Hyves, Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace, LinkedIn is the oldest. Founded in 2003. Bet you didn’t know that!


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