Design 101 day 2

I told you there was a large international community behind the design 101 course! And it found it’s way to this blog after I posted to twitter. What fun to see visitors from Pakistan, Serbia, Urkraine, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy and the US 🙂 Really made my day.

And then there was the second day of references. All selected to make us realize that design is not a set of practical skills, but of social, relational skills. We students have been asked to take a picture of ourselves. And a friend has to take a picture of me too. All to let us assess if I am able to see whether or not I can take a decent photograph and to see the difference between a good one and a bad one. In order to do so I must interact, be social.

I also think it has to do with acknowledging that design is not something individual. Once you have designed something it has no use at all if you keep it to yourself. It has to be shared in order for a design to be useful. Therefore the designer has to let go of it and give (or sell) it to someone else.
A very important lesson I think.

I also understand why this is the lesson we get on the second day because design then is not principally about fabricating something, that is only the result of design. One of the purposes of design is for there to be something useful at the end of the day.

No wonder we got Dale Carnegie’s How to win friends and Influence people to read. You need to know what people want in order to be able to design for them. The actual designing comes after that.


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