Today I learned how to fold an origami bird. It represents me. It’s not perfect, It took it’s time getting done and it’s made of what ever material I could find. An origami bird represents me. I like the sound of that. Can I take it with me and introduce myself to people as my origami bird?

This was my very first attempt at origami and it was harder than expected. Fun, but not particularly easy.

The idea behind It is that when you do something for the first time you must realize that someone else has done it before you. You are then able to do research.

Phew! I know about research. Research is my job. I could research the crap out of origami, but for me that wasn’t the challenge, for me the folding was the challenge.

To see an object appear out of a flat piece of paper, that was pretty cool. As I got closer to to the finished piece I could feel the tradition of millions of Japanese men women and children before me folding countless cranes. I loved it.

Instagram isn’t allowing me do embed my picture for some reason. here’s a link to what my crane looks like.


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