The process of cooking

It was almost four o’clock in the afternoon, I hadn’t eaten much all day and today’s assignment was to cook your favorite meal. Great! I thought. Easy. I like cooking, I’ll make something, snap a pic and be done.

But then I started looking at what everyone else had been posting throughout the day.

Everything looked so delicious I wanted to eat everything, but I couldn’t. I had to make choices. But everything looked so good and I was hungry! Argh!

I made a quick decision to use the leftovers (see pictures). Homework done, but what can I take from that?


We got Richard Buckminster Fuller as a reference. One of Daan van Roosegaarde’s favorites. ‘Bucky’ says: “Don’t fight forces. Use them.”

Ok. Cooking is something I do every day and enjoy every day. Why do I enjoy it so much? Is it because I create something out of ingredients? I don’t know. Sure, there is a process involved, but maybe I take that for granted too much. No, I’m sorry. Maybe I’ll understand later but cooking a meal is not designing for me…(yet)


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