A mask is a very simple object. Something to cover (part of) a face. There are many reasons for wearing a mask and many more things a mask could represent, but for now I only needed to make one. Maybe after finishing I could give the mask some meaning.

To make one you could hold something up to your nose and that would be enough. The challenge when I set about making my own mask was to decide what I wanted MY mask to look like. When could I say: “I succeeded in completing the task?” Pretty difficult to just think about that without doing something towards making the mask.

So I looked around at what materials I had at my disposal. Newspapers, a cardboard box. A lot of different pens and pencils, some wrapping paper, tape, scissors, enough.

I made one that looked like a child had drawn a clown. No good. Then I drew two half faces on a piece of cardboard. A single mask for two people. “Design is social” after all. That was better, but still fairly two dimensional. This was harder than I first thought.

Then I thought: why make it more difficult than it needs to be. As long as I understand that two step process of designing something. 1. Deciding on what you want to do and then 2. Doing it. Skill will come later.

I need to be more patient. I’ll post of picture of my mask later.


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