What I learned in October

October was a pretty good month for learning. I picked up Luciano de Crescenzo’s book about Early Greek Philosophy which I’m still reading. I am making steady progress. It’s currently lying in my bed next to my pillow, which gives you some indication of when I read out of it the most.

I watched some Universiteit van Nederland, but haven’t since. I’m not going to knock it, but the videos are no more then appetizers for knowledge, something to get you motivated to learn more instead of inspired to learn more. There is an important emphasis between motivation and inspiration by which motivation is a short term buzz to get you going and inspiration is what fills you with desire to pursue something for the long term. Inspiration is almost always something close to permanent, whereas motivation fades quite quickly.

I started learning Spanish again and I haven’t stopped yet. All because of Duolingo. I can quickly learn a bit in the time that gets lost between other things. It’s amazing how well that goes.

And then at the very end of the month I started design1o1 which is still fresh and therefore I am still very excited. Let’s see if I still am in a month’s time.


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