Back to the drawing room

Yesterday’s assignment was to draw me. I’ve already done it myself and I invite you to take a shot at drawing me too. If you know what I look like and if you want to test your drawing skills you are more than welcome to have a go.
Doing it was actually a strange feeling. The last time I’d drawn myself was about six years ago when I was doodling around with my friend Tegan. Before that I was still in high school and we had to do a self portrait in art class. So yesterday’s effort was a rare occasion to say the least.

First of all I’m not as good as I thought I was and second of all It’s hard! But the drawing isn’t the hard part. The difficulty is in the deciding how I wanted to draw myself. In the end I just doodled some catoon heads. The lesson we learned in the weekend about setting boundaries and constraints was in effect straight away. And so was the addage: “Design is social” Because I had my in laws join in.

Here’s what I look like according to me:
And this is what my father in law came up with:

He thought he had made me look like Michael Jackson, raised from the dead. I didn’t think it was that bad. What do you think?


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