For this weeks design assignments we need to plan ahead. My heart sank. I am the worlds worst planner. Before even finishing reading the brief I began to think about all the things that I should have planned for this week but hadn’t yet. About all the things I hadn’t planned ahead before and what had happened to them, about my constant struggle to keep appointments, about putting out little fires of people waiting for something of mine which hasn’t been done yet. Surely if I managed my time better, life would be so much easier.

What I need to do – I think – is to implement a system of retrieval and analysis and keep myself to that system.

I thought about what it was about planning that paralyzes me, why do I find it so difficult? I figured I either blow everything way out of proportion and try to fit it into one big perfect system in which I have everything under constant control, which is never going to happen, because I’m just not that precise and I don’t even want to be.

Or I simplify everything so that it becomes completely unimportant which results in me either forgetting to do it or just plain ignoring it because it doesn’t matter if I do it or not. There is barely a middle ground with me.

This is obviously an over-simplification of the situation. But it’s the jist.

So I’ve decided to take little baby steps. First see if I can plan this weeks assignments. If I can, then see If I can implement the system into my work life and then into my home life after that.

Having no system has worked until now, it’s starting to not work. So I’m using the design 101 course to learn how to plan. Wish me luck.


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