This week I have been learning about notebooks, but as ever with this course it’s mostly not about the practical things we learn, but the idea behind the practical.

On Tuesday I folded myself the simplest of notebooks. It took a couple of minutes. It made me think: “Ok, If the goal is to make a notebook, all I need is a single sheet of paper and a pair of scissors. No need to over think anything.”

On Wednesday we got a simple lesson in bookbinding. To bind paper together is a very common way of putting a notebook together and if I wanted to pursue making notebooks further I could start there and carry on. Just a little more advanced, but not much.

Thursday we were free in the method of putting our notebooks together all we needed to do was concentrate on the material: paper. What does it look like, how does it feel what happens when you change the shape of it. Still very easy.
2013-11-15 14.12.03
And so, without really noticing I had made three totally different notebooks. If I was told to make three notebooks one after the other on Tuesday I would have over-thought the process. I would have tried to be too clever about it because I would thought about the result more than the process.

And this lesson, not to over-think the process is all the more striking because the notebook itself is always less important than what goes inside a notebook. Surely having ideas to write down in a notebook is more important than having something to write on, but nothing to say.

The process is more important than the result. Something we were told in the first week, now explained by my own actions of making three notebooks.
That is why this course is so amazing.


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