Kitchen stories

This week I have been mostly eating quesadillas. My assignment was to cook the same meal three times. I chose quesadillas. There were not many ingredients and there was very little actual cooking. Most of the process was assembling the things.
2013-11-19 18.36.52
The lesson here was to think about the process some more after the notebook exercises, this week adding iteration. Iteration is doing something a number of times and perfecting the process to get the best end result.

I was happy with my food. It was tasty and the people I served it to were happy. I was not one hundred percent happy with the process, there were things I forget and things which could have been more efficient, but the beauty of learning is the room you allow yourself to make mistakes and acknowledge them as you make them and then remember them the next time.
2013-11-20 18.57.57
A good example of that is the sachertorte which is setting in the fridge as I write. It’s cracked and I wasn’t able to cover it completely with the chocolate glaze, but hey, It does not matter. I’m sure it will taste delicious and I will know what not to do next time.

And all this time I’m learning to manage my time and resources. Something I know will be very useful to me in the future.


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