Josef Albers and Colour

Today I learned about colour with the design 101 course and it was fun.
I did not know about Josef Albers before today, but in half an hour to 45 minutes of reading about his work with colours I was sold. I want to know more.

This is what I know now:
He wrote the interaction of Color (This link contains extracts)
There is also an iPad app of the same name which allows you to play with color combinations and apply the principles of Albers ideas. (Must convince wife to download said app…)

From the design 101 assignment:
By playing with Albers’ exercises, you will learn something
that might seem obvious, but it is completely contrary to what
we were taught as children in grade school. There are colors:
blue, yellow, green, red etc. And we are told that blue is
blue. Yellow is yellow. Green is green..

But what this app shows us is that blue
might not always be blue, it can be
blue-green, blue-yellow, blue-grey…
Also, the same blue might appear
completely different depending on its
context and adjacent colors. This is
what Albers named color relativity:
“A color has many faces…

So simple. Fantastic.


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