Learning by doing

These past weeks I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing things at which I have improved. I’ve been gradually getting better at something, in increments which are so small that they are not worth noting as individual experiences or items.
For example I’ve been painting the bathroom and other odd jobs around the house and as a result it looks better than say, my old bedroom which I fixed up a couple of years ago. This may be because the old bedroom has worn out over time, but I also think I’ve been getting more practice at DIY. And as a result I’ve gotten half decent with a paint brush and masking tape.

Another example: Just by driving around with my driving instructor I’ve seen countless situations in traffic which pass in the blink of an eye. All of these split seconds add up to my leaning curve.

In other words, I could not say which split second taught me how much pressure to apply to the clutch or which swipe with the paintbrush taught me how much paint to apply to a wall so the paint is evenly spread.

In these cases the learning is in the doing.


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