There is a lady who lives above the cheese shop around the corner. When she opened the door, holding the drill that I had asked for I knew that yes, this is the way forward. You see I don’t have that many tools because I hardly ever use them. But this week I needed a drill to install a towel rack and a soap dish in the new bathroom. I don’t really know anyone who owns a drill and besides, even if I did know, I would feel uncomfortable asking to use it. That’s why I decided to try Peerby.

I posted my request for a drill on the website which then notified people who have signed up to this service within a small radius of where I live.

An hour later three people had replied offering their drills and the cheese shop lady lived the closest. That evening the towel rack and soap dish were installed and the next day I brought back the drill. Job done. I was very happy and so was the lady because someone had used her tool which would otherwise go unused.

Why would everyone have to buy the same of something if you could use each others things? I have things which I would gladly give to a neighbour if they came and asked for it. This could be something like a tool, but it could also be a book or a second opinion on something, It doesn’t matter. And just like with Thuisafgehaald you get to meet your neighbours in an unforced way.

I’m sure I could have gone to someone in my street and ask to borrow their drill, but this way I can just be sure that the person I’m borrowing from is fine with it. I like that security.

These are some posts about the sharing economy or collaborative consumption if you want to know a little bit more:

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