Ghost writing

A few months ago I came across a project called Ghost. It’s a blogging platform built by someone who used to work at WordPress. It looked good and it is much simpler to use than WordPress. That’s what they say anyway.

I was excited to try for myself, and I could easily have done so, just by getting a ghost account and starting to write. Except If I was going to do it I would want my posts from this site to transfer to Ghost as well.

I did some research and to make the transfer I need to install a plugin and click on about three buttons. Easy.

Except no.

Because for the plugin to work my WordPress account needs to be a “pro” account which I don’t have. And to change my WordPress account from a .com to a .org account I need to find a host server and do all kinds of other installing not to mention costs money.

And all of a sudden I had to step back and ask myself this question: Do I really need to be doing this?

Answer: No.

Do I want to do this? Well, maybe a little but then I need to think about it a little longer and do some more research. So for now I’m going to read up on all the “5 minute/easy WordPress install things I saw yesterday instead of just beginning and getting lost and frustrated.


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