Better presentations

If you were in the Library at the Uithof yesterday chances are you heard me participating in a course called “True Colours”. My colleagues had been calling it a workshop in “Sound” and it was meant to teach us how to use our voices when giving a presentation. Had I known the official name was True colours I probably wouldn’t have taken part. I wouldn’t have had to sing the song by Cindi Lauper at the top of my voice, six times. I wouldn’t have had to contend with a zealously happy instructor and I wouldn’t have had to Jabbertalk the pronunciation of which (Tshjebbertok) made me cringe every time someone said it.

But I also wouldn’t have been reminded that controlling your breath as you speak can relax the throat and therefore be less strenuous if you have to speak loudly for an hour or more. and that focusing on the back of the crowd makes sure the volume is loud enough and the sound carries to everyone in the room. I found these excersizes to be valuable.

These are things you can take or leave. I hope I will find this afternoon useful in the future, hopefully the next time I have to address a room full of disinterested students to see if they pay more attention because of my better posture and voice.


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