Alone, without my device

I am tethered to my mobile device by an invisible cord. I can’t see the connection but it is strong. It has the kind of power over me Frodo Baggins knows all about so it may be time to weaken the bond. My reliance on my device has become extra clear because it’s broken. It has been for more than three weeks. I have sent it to be repaired and two days ago it came back. It seemed to be working fine, but since yesterday afternoon it has given up the ghost. I am reluctant to send it away for a second time.

There is an opportunity here for me to let go a little and figure out how to do things without technology a little bit more. My thoughts on this are hard to describe without sounding a little spiritual and/or soft and over top, but I am sure that I have used my device as a security blanket. When I’m alone I whip it out to check that my friends are available at the press of a button.

Because of my device and the way it connects me to the internet I don’t ever have to be bored. But that also distracts me from thinking by myself and developing my own ideas. In stead I read or watch someone else’s. Without the world in my pocket I am forced to be alone and I admit that is scary.

My broken device has momentarily made this fear of being alone apparent and I want to investigate it. I am going to watch my behaviour to see when I drift towards mindlessly browsing the web. Hopefully it will tell me how bad my FOMO is.

Here is a relevant post I wrote ealier which mentions FOMO

And here is one about the Art of not giving a F@#K


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