Two lessons for a happy working life

We deal mainly in experienced people at work. I mean people from the old block. People who have worked at the library for most of their careers. We saw a man leave yesterday who for over 40 years had poured his heart and soul into dragging the library from card catalogs and micro film readers into the internet age. It was as if the books and the stacks they stood on themselves protested, not wanting to yield to the inevitability of time passing and things changing. This guy stared them down and made them.

There are two things that I have learned from this man in the relatively short time that he was my colleague

  1. Be curious. Things change and you have to adapt to keep things interesting. If you aren’t curious and you don’t look for interesting things to do you will wither and people will find you boring and then they will ignore you.
  2. Challenge the things you believe to be wrong. But don’t make it personal. If you don’t stand up for what you think to be right and wrong other people will make decisions for you and you will wither and people will find you boring etc. Do this with a smile on your face and don’t blame or accuse anyone personally, it’s not their fault that they don’t agree with you. Say what’s on your mind and shake hands after the storm blows over.

Thanks Huib. Never stop learning.


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