Ever played a tune with bananas? Written your name and have it appear as a 3d object minutes later? I did yesterday with the bananas and saw some kids do the thing with the names. The Frysklab Bus was in Utrecht yesterday and it was great fun to see the kind of things they do and have a chat with guys who run it.

Those guys, A couple of librarians from Leeuwarden have turned an old library bus into a mobile FabLab, full of 3d printers, lasercutters and other computers. They drive all around Friesland going to schools and libraries, getting all kinds of people involved in – and excited about making interesting things. And connecting them to a wonderous world of other inspirational ideas and the people behind them. They are also trying to connect this practical form of learning with the library’s catalog so you could easily find relevant information and read up on the subject. FabLab’s are not necessarily run from libraries, but the combination makes a lot of sense.

The thing about this bus or any other FabLab for that matter is not the (recyclable) plastic trinkets which get printed but the thought process and learning which gets activated if you get people together with concepts to build on, from each other. Most people in the bus yesterday had different backgrounds and because there were a couple of guys there to explain how everything works they can get people talking to each other bouncing ideas off each other. Amazing things will happen more often than not with that kind of set up.

It got me very excited.


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