A new political party which only formed 4 months ago in Spain won 5 seats in the European parliament. I was in Brussels with my brother yesterday who has a big connection with Spain. So I was interested to hear from actual Spaniards what they think about this.

They call themselves Podemos (we can), a citizen party. They want to change the way democracy works in Spain in particular and in Europe in general. This to me is exciting. I’m not sure how they want to change democracy, I’m not sure they know how they are going to do that. But I want to see them try.

They are different to the other parties in Europe who got most of the votes from frustrated citizens because they are for a strong Europe, just not the way it’s managed now. They are highly inclusive, they want to publicize their spending widely, they want the voters to have a say in internal politics and policy making. And they are not (latent) racists.

Spain has a basically a two party system and one interesting thing about the European election is that the two main parties received less than 50% of the votes. whereas in the last election of 2009 they got more than 80. A clear sign that in Spain at least things are quickly changing.

This is definately something to keep an eye on.


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