The wind rushing through your hair, hanging at a 30 degree angle, water spraying over the side, varnished wood around you and moving silently, but quickly through the water. This is what I like about sailing. I also like the idea that people have done similar things for millennia. And I like the simplicity of it: a tub, a large sheet and some rope, That’s all you really need. Except the designs of boats are so good and so beautiful that it only seems simple. In actual fact most boats are amazing feats of engineering.

So I was happy to spend an afternoon sailing on the Kaag, near Leiden on friday. I did sail myself but not for very long. Long enough to get the idea that I knew what I was doing, but to short to be able to explain why or to know what to if something went ‘wrong’.

I guess sailing will be similar to skiing for me. It will take many years to get the hang of, just by doing it for short periods once or twice a year, without official lessons, just by being around experienced sailors.


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