Diabolo tax

Friday I spent travelling to Napels from Brussels. So I took the train to the airport. I had to leave very early in the morning. The train website told me I should take the Thalys high speed train from Amsterdam to Brussels, for which I needed a special ticket. To make sure, I went to the service desk at the station.

There a very helpful man told me that, no I did not need that high speed train and that I could still take the regular train. He printed my itinerary and advised me to by my ticket at the machine because it’s 50 cents cheaper.

I have bought a ticket to Brussels before and this time I did the same thing except to the airport.

After I had changed at Antwerp onto the train to the airport, the conductor came to check my ticket.

Something was wrong.

I had not paid the ‘diabolo tax’. Which, as I found out is a toll for the train to the airport.

I had no way of knowing about this tax which is five euro’s by the way. But the conductor insisted I pay up. I had no cash. (I was going to pin some money at the airport) If the conductor had not shown clemency I would have had to pay 60 euro’s to cover the administrative costs and the tax. This did not stop the conductor being pedantic about it though.

I still think it’s very strange that
a: The tax in not included in the ticket and
b. that it does not state anywhere that such a tax is mandatory.



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