Help me write and share

The sharing economy, a circular economy and generally sustainable ideas are what I find most interesting in the world today. There, I said it.

For quite a while I’ve leered at these subjects from a distance. I’ve dabbled, dipped my toe in the water spoken to people and then not followed through properly. Now,  I want  to get involved. “This time it’s personal!”… Or something to that effect.

So I’m going to use this blog to track what I learn about these things by doing. Meeting people, putting stuff online to share, to give away and generally be more active in sharing.

Now, I’m pretty shy. I don’t usually enjoy setting up meetings. I rationalize away opportunities and tend to stay in my bubble. But I do like finding out interesting things from interesting people, once I get to know them. So by writing about these meetings I’m forcing myself out of the comfort of my zone.

By doing so I hope to make small changes which gradually add up to bigger changes. Changes for the good of course. Little additions of skill, knowledge and character. It’ll give me a change of scenery and who knows, a change in the world. Go big or go home, right?

This is my project, but kind of the point is that I can’t do it alone. So now that you’ve taken the trouble to read all the way to here let me ask you a question:

Who do you know that I should get in touch with to talk about sharing, the circular economy or sustainable ideas in general?

Let me know in the comments or email me. You probably have my address as this thing has yet to go viral.