The rooftop garden is for sharing

I went to the Daktuin this week which has opened again. I went there last year and I was very impressed then. This year it’s bigger and better. with a wider variety of things to do and more visitors, more supporters and more plants. They do a lot for making the university more sustainable and the people who set this up are a very inclusive bunch.

It was a little gloomy when I was up there and not very warm, which may explain the relative quiet for a weekday lunch time. But I did see other people and they were chatting to each other, probably about sustainability or other world issues.


A speaker was due to appear at 13:00 and as I sat there reading a book from 13:00 to 13:15 nobody appeared. I had to leave because I had a meeting to go to later and wondered what went wrong.

The speaker did speak. I saw a picture of him doing it on Instagram later. I guess it’s a laid back kind of place.

The speaker incidentally was a vegan philosopher. I came across an interesting talk he did about why people should all be vegans. Take a look if you have an hour and a half left somewhere. The part about Jeremy Bentham and the capacity to suffer is quite interesting.

I will definitely go up on the roof again while it’s still open. But next time I’ll plan it a little better.


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