what to do with too much houmus

I had made a big batch of houmus, too much to finish on my own so I froze the rest for a later time. humous

That time was last week when I had friends over for lunch. I thought “Great, they can finish my houmus.”, but they only scratched the surface of the bowl. It wasn’t that much to begin with and most of them were vegetarians.

I don’t know what happened, I can’t explain it. What was I going to do?

I decided to suck it up and offer it to my neighbourhood on Thuisafgehaald. As I was going through the process of uploading the dish I did get warned that as this was my first time the chances were slim that somebody would take the offer. And ‘they’ were right. It was the sound of crickets all day and now I have quite a lot of houmus to get through before it goes off. This has become a race against time. Time and mold. It is now my lunch for three days. to be eaten with vegetables and pita bread.


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