Repair cafe

I go to a repair cafe once a month at the university to help people repair things which may be broken but can be fixed in stead of replaced.

It may sound like a strange waste of time. But its actually a fun way to potter around with other people’s stuff. And let’s face it they are probably going to throw that stuff out anyway.

Repairing say, an electric razor just by cleaning it thoroughly, or sewing a torn piece of clothing is so easy it’s ridiculous and makes you realize how many things aren’t really broken but merely in need of some love.

People come in and they are sceptical at first, but they leave happy and with a little egg on their face for wanting to buy new.

And even if we can’t repair what comes in we can say that hey, we’re no miracle workers and everyone laughs.

Seriously though the fact is that things are being made to break quickly and are quite hard to easily repair if you don’t know how.

At the repair café people come together to explore what can be done. And it gives these people a good feeling and a sense of community. It’s not earth shattering and it won’t shrink the rubbish dumps in a hurry, but every little bit helps.

You can come along too if you want. Every last Friday of the month.


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