Bag and buy: A zero waste alternative around the corner

A shop is opening in the Twijnstraat where everything is sold without packaging. Like Robuust in Antwerp or Original Unverpackt in Berlin. You take your own pots, jars and bags and only pay for the amount you dispense for yourself. I’m very interested to see if I am going to use this shop or not. It could be a hotbed for hippies, a hipster haven or a genuine challenge to the supermarket. Which is important because much of the packaging in supermarkets is plastic unnecessary and wasteful.

It could look something like this. The alternative food co-op in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

I do want to use this shop, but is it going to be easier than just going to the supermarket which is a short walk away? And is it going to cost more or less money than what I normally spend?

I sent the shop’s owners an email in response to their request for male locals to take part in a questionnaire about what the locals want or expect from the shop. But I was politely told too many others had already requested to take part. This suggests to me that us locals are a set of hipsters and hippies.

Or maybe, and I rather hope that this may be the case: Normals actually want to cause less waste and shop more sustainably.

I don’t intend to live a zero waste life like Bea Johnson or Lauren Singer. But these people do show that with a few minor changes producing much less waste is possible and the bag and buy around the corner could go a long way to a greener life in the neighbourhood.


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