What the fiets!

Most of us don’t really care for our bicycles.

We take it to the shop to patch a flat and for other basic repairs. And when it breaks down completely we buy a ‘new’ one off a junkie for next to nothing.

Unbelievably lazy.

What the Fiets?, Tucked away in a small corner of the Uithof are a group of brave volunteers who patiently teach people how to repair their own bikes.  Little by little you get to know your steel horse. You save money on bike repairs. You save time because your bike is not in the shop. You learn self sufficiency, application. and sustainability.


My humble membership card

It’s a great way students are sharing knowledge and skill at the University away from the studies themselves.

And the funny thing is it’s mostly foreign students coming in getting to grips with the whole Dutch cycling culture not Dutch people who take cycling for granted, which is such a shame.

Keep up the good work Fietsers, your doing a good job.


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