Giving away things online through Marktplaats

A car pulled up and a husband and wife appeared from within. They were here to pick up the cupboard I had offered on

I had no use for this cupboard any more which was just holding clutter and giving me extra surface area to clean. These people felt they needed it more than I did and I was happy to give it away.

Giving away this cupboard made me feel great. It freed up space in the room and in my mind.

Plus it didn’t go to waste. I could have asked for some money as well, but I felt that I had had my money’s worth from the time I used this cupboard.

If you think about it most things you own, even the big items like kitchens and beds are just as temporary as the small things like clothes. You need to figure out how long you are going to use them and decide how much money you wish to spend for the time that you have them.

Then, once they break or need replacing think of how someone else might use them or how it can be put to another use and give them away.


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