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In 2013 I decided to write my way towards my impending wedding. I didn’t want to inundate my Facebook timeline with stuff nobody wanted to read, but I wanted to share it anyway so blogging about it seemed a good idea.

The wedding stuff dried up. I thought about writing a post now and then, but the initial excitement wore off. But I still wanted to write, because I enjoy it. I like sharing stories. So I changed the angle a little. For my own benefit and that of the reader. (Anything for more page views and comments.)

You learn something new every day

Then I had a simple idea: Everyone learns something every day. So I wrote about what I learned. It could be a little factoid, it could be a bit of news, it could be a skill, anything I found out about, got taught, or taught myself. And then I would go to bed and the next day I post it.

The going to bed part was important. That way I will have had time to reflect on it and judge it.

Some time ago I saw the following video here.

I think Joris had a good idea, but I didn’t want to write about a single subject (getting married for example) because I would get bored.

I did this for about a year. I didn’t manage to write every day, but I did have fun and now in 2015 I want to do it again.

This time though, I am using Joris’ plan. I’m going to learn and write about the sharing economy, the circular economy, open culture and generally green and sustainable ideas. 

These are still very broad topics, I do realize I could do with some narrowing down, but I want to start first, get stuck in and do that on the fly, let things evolve.

To begin with I am just going to look around my neighbourhood and the Utrecht area where I live to see what I can find right on my doorstep. Then from there, who knows?

So thanks for taking the time to read this, now be kind and share something of your own.